Tuesday, December 3, 2013

JOY of the Season

Are you feeling the JOY of the Season?
Or is your head swimming with sugar plums, packages to buy,
cookies to bake, and cards to send?
Oh how I want to just sit in a snowy scene by the fire
and sip wonderful cups of tea or hot chocolate
while surrounded by beautiful Christmas music.
I will let you know when all that makes an appearance,
but for now I must dash.

Let's each make a pledge to set aside some time
for what is important in the holidays.
A time for quiet moments.
A time for friends and family.
A time to celebrate the reason for Christmas.
Take care dear friends and soon we will feel the JOY.


Lorrie said...

A lovely post. I'm trying to take the Joy with me as I go about my errands. I've noticed that most people in the stores and malls are not smiling, so I am trying to smile more when I'm out. It's a wonderful time of year!
Joy to you.

Annie Jeffries said...

This is such an especially happy month for us this year, Marilyn. Quanah and Erin will be here for Christmas. Krista is getting married on the 28th. My heart is exploding with exciting and happiness.

Jeanne said...

Wishing you a joyful Christmas season

Comfort and JOY

Love Jeanne

Gail said...

HI MARILYN - lovely sentiments and so true. I so enjoy my time with the Yule Log aglow and music of the season filling my soul. Yes, time for friends and family and quiet reflection all bring JOY
Love Gail

Jeanie said...

This is awfully pretty, Marilyn. I'm hoping to get a little joy, though for the next two days I'm doing my least favorite thing in the world -- helping Rick at the trade show. I'll need some joy then! I love the photo and arrangement -- just gorgeous.

beth said...

this year, seeing the smiling faces at the food pantry is keeping me happy....

they have nothing, yet everyday they seem very content and happy with just the smallest gestures of kindness.

a warm blanket, a pair of boots...the little things are big for them and i love to see them happy....to see them smile.


Laurie said...

It's been such a hard year Marilyn, am trying to get the joy back. The more I participate in the Joy of the season, it becomes a little easier. Beautiful Post!

Sylvia said...

Very pretty. Remembering the "Reason for the Season" brings me joy!

Angela McRae said...

I put off a big writing project that is due Dec. 20, so I will have much *joy* when that deadline is over! (I have made great progress this week, tho, so I am heartened!)

Adrienne said...

I'm catching up a little at a time these days. I am holding tightly to JOY these days as I have shifted my focus to the needs of my dear, little mother. Our situation brings our priorities in focus - as they should be. I am taking small snippets of time to sit by the fire, feet up, hot chocolate in hand - and breathe in the joys of the season.

Mary said...

I love the word JOY - it's simple, easy to spell, to write, be creative with..........and it even FEELS fabulous! I'm enjoying, joyful joy each joyous day leading up to Christmas. LOL!!

Kisses, Mary

La Tea Dah said...

I am busy preparing for the quiet moments ahead. But I try each day to take some "time" to appreciate and reflect. Thank you for the reminder.