Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yummm! Mexican Food in Portland

 Two Mexican restaurants have opened in the past few months here in Portland.
You might not know this about me, but I love Mexican food.
So many Mexican restaurants are just ho-hum, so finding two this year that are
delicious I just had to share new hidden Portland secrets.
The first is: Taqueria Nueve, 727 S.E. Washington Street, Portland
 Isn't this chicken dish beautiful?  It had a lovely salsa/salad underneath.
The taco was wild boar.  I can attest to it being very yummy.
 Then near my home we watched as a very poor looking building was renovated and turned into Tamale Boy.
Really we didn't have much hope for it because the area is rather run down.
The addition will definitely make for a better neighborhood.
To our surprise when you have good food the people will come.
With the lovely warm weather lately they have a patio to sit in that is just wonderful.
I am excited because I can actually walk here and the food it soooo good.
 It is located at 1764 N.E. Dekum Street, Portland
 They make the guacamole right at the table and you can ask
for more salt, lime juice, or spice after you taste.  Delicious!
 I had the chili verde pork tamale, yummmm!
 The patio
 To our surprise after dinner at Tamale Boy we found a new gelato
shop right next door.
Definitely worth the stop here too.
So there you have it, my own personal hidden treasures out and about in Portland, Oregon

Good thing I can walk to Tamale Boy and Bassotto Gelateria
because I can see I will be needing to walk off a few of those calories.


Jeanie said...

We'll go there after the beach. yes we will!

Adrienne said...

I think it would be worth the drive for us to head that way and try out these two new Mexican restaurants - and have gelato, too.

Angela McRae said...

Oh my, those Mexican dishes look wonderful! I love guacamole, so I would have enjoyed having it made fresh right before me. And gelato too? No fair!

Claire said...

One more place of delight, Ome Calli. Helado Mexicano y paletas. Ice cream (handmade) and popsicles in the style of Mexico. Real, real, real ice cream like la abuelita used to make. One in Beaverton and one in Tualatin...worth traveling.

Tracy said...

*BIG SWOON*... ALL this looks sooo good!! That's one thing I miss living over here, is real, real good Mexican food. You just don't find much of it, and not in smaller places like where we are. I try to make at home--and guacamole turns out well!--but never quite the same as at a restaurant. Oh, this was fun to see and go along with you, Marilyn! Look forward to your August Break posts! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))