Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday's Quotes

Christmas is a spirit that flows from one heart to another. 
It is more precious than rubies and better than gold.
~Agnes M. Pharo ("What Is Christmas") 

A peek of my Christmas home
with family surrounding me here.
It is indeed "more precious than rubies
and better than gold."


martea said...

What a beautiful visual of a lovely thought!
Love it, Marilyn!

Sylvia said...

Love the hanging pot! Merry Christmas!

Rosemary said...

What a festive decoration!

Bernideen said...

That is so cute!

Martha's Favorites said...

Your home looks lovely! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Martha

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I love this! Hmm ... now how can I incorporate this idea ... !