Thursday, March 31, 2016

Country Delight

 The sun came out this week.
It was a perfect time to adventure to the country.
New Chestnut Hill Farm was the destination
to find Jacob sheep and a couple llamas.
This mama was very curious to check out our little guy.
 And the little guy was loving the adventure in the country.
 The rams and their protector were curious to see us, seeing them.
 What we came to see were the 8 little baby lambs.
Lambs just speak of springtime delights.
They delighted us for sure.
It is definitely springtime in the country
and my heart soars with JOY.
Take a day off and venture to the country,
it will DELIGHT. does have wool available
for wool crafts.  I see their website isn't quite up yet,
but come back to visit soon.


Jeanie said...

"Our Little Guy" (I wish!) is so darned cute! Looks like you all had a wonderful day!

Linda said...

Lovely photos!

Lady Linda said...

What a fun day in the country. The weather is just so pretty! This is why we like living in the NW...right?

Joy said...

What fun to see everything fresh through a child's eyes!