Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Darjeeling, the book!

For those of you that drink tea with me,
you know that one of my favorite teas is Darjeeling teas.
Each Spring I go online and order my supply for the year.
When May comes around I will be ordering some
extra special teas. It is my tea luxury.
I know that last year they had unrest politically there
and some of the tea didn't get plucked and processed;
so the tea this year will be more precious than ever.

Not long ago I came across a book with the title of Darjeeling
by Jeff Koehler. I don't know the author, but intrigued
by the topic I picked it up and read it.
My go-to reading is fiction, particularly historic fiction;
so the writer had to be good to capture my attention
for a non-fiction book.
I just finished the book this past weekend and I must
say, I learned alot and it did capture my attention.
The history of that region of India intrigued me
and the descriptions and stories of caring for the people
that work on the estates and caring for the plants and soil
was very educational.
And it didn't disappoint that there were a few familiar
names in the book, so it was fun to picture them in their

If you love a good cup of tea and history, I can recommend this book.
Then a good cup of Darjeeling tea to sip along with the read
would be perfect.
On that note I don't just drink Darjeeling tea,
but I drink Darjeeling tea from a single estate and with a special name.

Darjeeling stories now fill my head and I am dreaming of traveling there.
It may be just in my dreams, but if the right opportunity
came along I would jump on a plane tomorrow.


wisps of words said...

I really like a non-fiction book, now and then. I enjoy something I can pick up and put down, without losing the thread of a plot.

Actually, I find a topic, and then want to read "all" I can, on it. :-) At the present moment, it is de-cluttering. So I get lots of these books out of the library, along with my fiction.

Happy you found this book, which was such a joy, for you.

Jeanie said...

This sounds like a good one, Marilyn. I need to go through my dad's old pictures from when he was in India/Burma during the war. He became somewhat enamored with a tea planter's daughter and I believe I have photos of the people picking the tea and the plantation. I'll look for them.

Tracy said...

What a great topic for a book! I must add this to my reading list, and see if I can find it here. I like non-fiction, and tea, so this is just my, well... cup of tea. ;) Darjeeling tea is not know as the Champagne of Tea for nothing, I think. It is some special tea. I have a fondness for Assam and Ceylon teas too, liking a dark, rich brew. I hope your dream of traveling to Darjeeling will come true... Maybe a big birthday wish??!! ;) ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

This book is sitting on my desk quietly beckoning me to read it. I must find the time!