Monday, January 18, 2021

A Word for the Week


There is a trail not far from my house where I love walking.

It feels like an escape from the city, though it is right in the city, near the airport. The city is working on the street lately, which makes it hard to get there. But I need to return soon to walk where the beavers walk. There are birds, turtles, and beaver, with an occasionally person or two. It is a peaceful place.

                           And sometimes I like taking tea to the pond and sip a cup or two.

In the tea group I belong to here in Portland I am known for being the reader of poems.

Most often I read from Tea Wisdom, a compilation of "inspirational quotes and quips about the world's most celebrated beverage", by Aaron Fisher. Here is one from that book on page 135.

Moonlight over the hills,

Reflecting on my balcony.

The night is young,

My rustic gate is ajar;

Through the woods,

My friend approaches,

Lantern bobbing.

Smoke curls from the stove;

I call for tea.

The autumn stars have paled,

Barking of wakening dogs,

The sadness of a flute carried on the wind.

And still we sit and talk.

The sky lightens;

Rosy clouds and chilly dew,

The earth moss-covered.

~Cheng Pan Chiao


I can actually imagine walking through this place with lantern in hand to a moss-covered log to sit awhile and sip a cup of tea. Come join me. I will bring the tea and read for you.

Is there just one word for today, no! But just notice each word, let your mind imagine, take a trip to another place even if only in your mind. Notice what you notice!


Jeanie said...

What I love most in that poem: "I call for tea." Isn't that lovely? And I love your hamper and set up!

Lorrie said...

I love the lines - My friend approaches, Lantern bobbing. It would be so lovely to have tea with a friend in my house. Beautiful imagery in that poem.

Angela McRae said...

I would love to go there for a walk too. I love to be out in nature with only my thoughts for company!

mamasmercantile said...

The words of the poem conjure up some amazing images, a real delight to visit you today.

Linda P said...

The poet creates wonderful sensory images. I expect each phrase has a lot of significance in Cheng Pan Chioa's culture. I like the sound of the flute carried on the wind and the smoke curls from the stove (tea making) and the friends being companionable as they talk. I would be glad to take a walk with you and hear you read from Tea Wisdom.

Laura Morrigan said...

That place looks wonderful! So peaceful!