Friday, February 9, 2024

Tea Review

 iteaworld kindly sent me some new samples of their oolong teas.


I know I have reviewed them before, but each time they send me tea I am just blown away by their beautiful packaging. Inside are individual packets of tea, which is just the right amount for an average sized teapot or Asian style gaiwan or small teapot. This time they even included some ready to fill teabags with the box of samples.

With each day that I tried another oolong tea this past week I thought "oh, this is my favorite". But of course, I must have liked them all because I said it with each of the four different samples. I steeped all four in a gaiwan on separate days. Each was steeped 10 times and held up quite nicely.

Zhangping Shui Yian was a flowery, smooth tea. It was what I would expect from a nice oolong. It came in a pressed cube and reminded me a little of a white tea.

Tie Guanyin was a bit more earthy, but still definitely an oolong tea. It had a nice light sweetness and really opened up to a beautiful, clean tea.

Da Hong Pao was quite pretty with a beautiful color and fragrance. It was slightly roasty and rich. It was a nice full mouth feel then changed flavor as it hit the throat.. Roasty in the front and more fruity in the back with sort of a pineapple taste.

Fenghuang Dancong was full body with a slight tartness, similar to a pretty tropical fruit. It was rich, golden with an intense flavor which accentuated the sweetness of the grapes I was nibbling after drinking this tea. I had not noticed how a tea could effect the flavor of my food before.

A second tasting of Tie Guanyin, English style was just as good.

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