Monday, September 14, 2009

Final Monday Linen Day

Did you think I forgot you?
I was gone and now am back for the final Monday Linen Days.
I have thought and thought about what someone might enjoy
for the give away to celebrate the final day.
Finally I decided to give a pretty apron, two embroidered doilies, and a surprise tablecloth.
I had to give something with embroidery as I had one reader comment I had inspired her
to start embroidery again.
I haven't picked the table cloth yet, because I want to pick with the winner in mind.
So for everyone that leaves comments here today and until Thursday morning,
I will be drawing a special linen gift.
The drawing will be announced Thursday morning (PST) and sent on Friday.
I hope you have enjoyed the Monday Linen Days series.
I have enjoyed sharing my linen collection with you.
There are more Monday series in mind for the future.