Friday, September 11, 2009

Traveling Teapot

About two weeks ago the traveling teapot arrived at my home.
It is a fairly basic teapot of a lovely blue. I called my sister
and said "would you like to meet me in the park for tea?".
We met yesterday under that beautiful oak tree and
had tea with the traveling teapot. I spread a vintage table cloth on the table with a touch of yellow. The yellow and blue colors reminded me of an upcoming trip I will be taking in just a week and a half.
We shared the last pot
of the LeFrance tea I brought home from California in May. Oh, I will miss that one.
I made the sandwiches, which were egg salad (my favorite),
black olive (my sister's favorite), and pesto pinwheels (very good, a new recipe).
My sister brought the sweets, which were cherry tarts, oatmeal raisen cookies, and M&M cookies (all very good). I brought a bottle of bubbles to blow and we took a lovely walk along the river. What a perfect afternoon for tea with the traveling teapot.

This weekend the traveling teapot will travel with me to Pt. Townsend, Washington for tea with my mother-in-law. Then it will be ready to travel onto another tea lover.
Have a great weekend. I will be back Monday afternoon for my final day of linens and a give away.