Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Friendship Reflections over Tea

Reflections in my cup of tea last week with a friend.

"There are volumes to speak of the friends who have
chosen me. For is that not what our friends do? Is it not
that choosing that makes friendship the divine gift that
it is? And there is no pantheon among these chums who make
our journeys with us. I have heard friends described as pillars
on a porch, always needed, but also silently standing by,
supporting our lives with understanding. Oh, my dear
friends, how often I have felt unworthy of you all.
But thank goodness you looked beyond my bluster
and foibles to make my journey so much more beautiful.
What a pure thing friendship is."

This paragraph was taken from Jenny Walton's Packing
for a Woman's Journey by Nancy Lindemeyer.
I thoroughly enjoyed the description of a friendship.
Thanks for being my friends.