Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Skater Dreams

Saturday I was walking by a skater park and wanted to test myself taking a few action shots, but the real reason was to dream for a few moments of what it would feel like to fly on a skateboard. This kid loved performing for me. He would tell me where to point my camera and what he was going to do to entertain me. I asked him why there were no girls skating. He said they come and crash once and never come again. He wanted me to take this picture touching his board. I also took one of him "doing air", but all I got were his feet. He flew so high.

Now secretly (I guess the secret will be out now) I was a quiet girl growing up, but also a daring one. If I had known of skateboards when I was a girl, I would have certainly been out there with the boys. For a few moments I dreamed of being that skater girl, flying "doing air".

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Annie said...

Skateboarding always makes me think of my brother. He was a "pro" at 7. Now he's 47 and surfs. The one just naturally led to the other. Some of those little guys will be swooping the curls someday.

Anonymous said...

What a great photo opportunity! It sounds like the boy had a great time conversing with you.

:D LaTeaDah

babYpose said...

Hi there, I wanted to skate after I saw Michael J Fox in Back to the Future :)

Anonymous said...

I love the thought of you flying through the air. There are always things that boys are better at then girls and vice vera but I could not even go roller skates when I was a girl and I have never ventured on ice skates but I made sure my girls got the chance.

Jeanne said...

My son loved to skate board.......
big hugs

somepinkflowers said...

ohhh.. my...
i just had to laugh!


i DID skateboard when i was a kid,
way back at the beginning
of the skate~board days...
you actually NAILED
a Roller~Skate to a Board....

{{ yes, i am 100 years old }}

i am NOT the daring one
but i am the one
that lived by the only HILL around...

Location & Gravity
made me participate.

don't you love how a camera in your hand
gives your permission?

i use to say,
""i am doing this for a class,
would you mind.....""

now i just shoot away!

keep it up, missy.

Caroline said...

Cool shot...I would be too chicken to get some

parTea lady said...

When I was a kid my neighborhood was full of little boys, so I hung out with my brothers and their friends. We built forts, climbed trees and made rope swings (another way of doing air).

Since I was such a tomboy, I'm sure I'd have been a skater girl too.