Friday, September 18, 2009

Tea at Port Gamble

Last Saturday my husband and I join Val and Dee for tea in Port Gamble, Washington. Val is a friend I met online and have been able to share tea with twice now, once here in Port Gamble and once in Southern California. How fun to meet online friends for tea.

This lovely tray of food was presented in a three tier server.
Aren't the scones huge! They were about 5 inches across.
And so many little sandwiches, some of them went home.
Each of us had are own pot of tea. I had a black tea from Nilgiri, India.
Lovely artificial flowers sat at the top of a glass candle stick.
A very fun idea!

The end of the meal was fresh fruit served with three different chocolates to dip the fruit in.
What a nice touch for a tearoom that specialises in chocolate.
It was a lovely afternoon spent with friends.


Annie said...

This lovely presentation reminds me of a tearoom we had here a few years ago. In fact, marilyn, we had TWO tearooms in our little town. But now, alas, neither are in business anymore. The economic down turn deleted both of them from our funky little Main Street. Sad.

Angela McRae said...

Sounds like you wouldn't go away hungry at this tea room! Love the idea of the fruit/chocolates for dipping, too. That would be a nice end to teatime, I think.

Relyn said...

I just love those dainty little sandwiches. I am trying to talk my daughter into a fancy dress tea party for her eighth birthday. She says she wants to do that when she's older and doesn't want to invite boys. I'm afraid that window is going to be pretty small.

Se'Lah said...

tea parties rock! i used to love visiting tea rooms. haven't been in a while. scones, lemon curd, etc. my mouth's watering now. thanks. ;)

dutchbaby said...


If you have fruit with chocolate, does the fruit cancel out the calories of the chocolate?

Jeanne said...

How wonderful and lovely
Thanks for all that you share
Love Jeanne♥

beth said...

I'm a huge tea lover....
so next time I want to come, too :)
please ?

Christina said...

ok, just dip one of each, in the chocolate for me.

Carolyn Parker said...

Hi, something looked familiar when I clicked on your blog– oh she's from Portland, me too . . . what a nice tea– oh my I've been there and had tea! It was on a visit to Seattle, several years ago. Nice! I'm in CA.

Pam said...

That looks delightful!

Bev C said...

Gosh those scones were huge,does this mean you can have double the amount of cream? Sounds a lovely place to have tea.I love that teapot. Happy days.

parTea lady said...

Looks like a lovely tea. The scones and sandwiches are my favorite part (sweets - not so much), so this would be tailor made for me.

I've also had the pleasure of sharing tea with an online tea friend. Having a tea blog has been a great way to meet other tea enthusiasts.

Linda J. said...

Wow! That's a lot of sandwiches. Lovely photos!

Mary said...

What a nice tea - love the china teapot. It's so hard to keep these delightful small businesses open nowadays. Tea rooms are so special but not enough people seem to take the time to stop around 4 PM and partake of this vanishing enjoyment in the afternoon.

Of course coming from an old softy, romantic Brit like me it's only normal to push afternoon tea!!

Are you ready? Packed? Raring to go? Know it will be a fabulous time - sounds like the weather is good. Talked with my brother yesterday and he said the
Summer was brutally hot and so dry, now it's perfect there in the Languedoc area.

Bon Voyage - have a fabulous time. Wish I was coming too!
I'll be thinking of you.

Hugs - Mary

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

Lovely lovely!

Brenda said...

Looks absolutely scrumptious! And the photos are such eye candy!

Steph said...


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely yummy-looking tea, you lucky lady! That's quite a spread for tea!
Glad you had fun with a fellow tea blogger. Those 'fake' flowers were beautiful...never saw such pretty ones before!

. said...

Oooh, it's all I cam say.