Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Linen Days

Vintage pillowcases are a luxury I use everyday, but
sometimes they wear out. So when they wear out, I make
small pillowcases with the embroidery. They are pockets
to wrap a special gift in.

Here are some of my pillowcases. The one with the yellow
flower is my favorite, but it is beginning to wear out.
Have you thought of this? When you make the bed, do
the ends of the pillowcase over lap to the next or are they
facing away from each other? Are they communicating or
ignoring each other? Maybe it is just me, but I always
think that when I place the pretty pillowcases with
the pillows inside on my bed.

Next week is the last day for Monday Linen Days.
Please make sure to visit, as there will be a give away.
I still am not sure what it will be, but it will come
from my linens. I will be out of town; so my post will
be later in the day on Monday.