Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Library - Concordia University

Saturday I traveled to the library. It wasn't a very long journey,
as I only had to walk two city blocks to arrive there.
It is a new library, just built this summer on the campus
of Concordia University. You can see the new grassy amphitheater
from inside the library. They were playing Shakespeare out
on the lawn.
Isn't it beautiful? I am so excited, as the library will be open to
the neighborhood too. There is a coffee shop at the far end.

The new bell tower on the other side of the lawn.
What a wonderful addition to our neighborhood.
I wonder if you love libraries?
What are your memories of your first visit to a library?
Can you still imagine the smell of all those books?
Did you ever go there for story hour?
I love libraries.
It is so exciting to wander through the aisles and see all
the words that are available at no cost to me, but time well spent.
As a young girl, when I learned to ride my bike further than just on
my street, my mom would let me ride to the library.
I would explore for hours and come home with
books of adventures of all kinds, but mostly about
women in history. They were my favorites.
If you can't find me sometime and you wonder where I am,
I will be off to the library.