Monday, February 7, 2011

Spirit Whispers

One way that I listen is through creating a collage.
Saving meaningful pictures from magazines, including words I see.
Then when the time comes to struggle through a particular issue,
celebrate a new year, set goals, or tell a story; I take all the
pictures and words I have been collecting.
Sorting through the pictures, cutting,
and pasting with a particular goal in mind
opens windows and thoughts I hadn't realized were there.
Some people add their own personal touches with ink, crayons,
or paints to make an art journal.

I am very visual and seeing this creation in front of me
definitely speaks to me in whispers and sometimes load shouts.
Do you use art to help you see more clearly?


Relyn said...

I love the way you put that, "One way that I listen..." I listen by writing quite often. Also, by hearing myself talk. I know that sounds odd to say, but it's true. I'm an auditory learner and sometimes I don't really know what I think until I hear myself say it. Oh - that makes me sound weird.

Coleen said...

your collage reminds of how I made a "dream board" yrs ago....I have been tearing into magazines lately too....sounds like a fun "workshop", huh???

Heart Hugs,

Kate said...

Viewing art allows me to listen to my inner thoughts....I am not very artistic so I must appreciate the art of others!

melanie said...

I am just starting an art journal...thanks for helping to inspire me! beautiful pages, you have shown!

Steph said...

I've done a few "soul collages" and vision collages and have found them very powerful!

Jeanie said...

Indeed I do! I hadn't done collage for eons and a number of years ago started working as a children's grief facilitator at a local center. Collage was one of the tools we used to have the kids explore their feelings and relationship with the person who died. We facilitators found it was opening up our insights as well. Then I started soul collage, and pretty soon was doing it as my own art form. I love how you approach it as part of your journey. A fine post!

koralee said...

I think this is a great thing to a dream board...I am always clipping up magazines and saving bits...I tend to file them but a collage would be a great idea. xoxoxo Happy new week.

Rosemary said...

When I was younger (high school/college) I would snip words/expressions from magazines and decoupage them on to a wine bottle. There was a lot of hope/dreams/love and expression found on those bottles that usually ended up holding a candle. Wonder whatever happened to it? Your board reminds me of this.

beth said...

yes. my studio too....just walking in there makes me come alive :)

Angela McRae said...

I made a similar type of collage years ago when I was in a writer's group going through the book "The Artist's Way." I may have to go make one again -- I love your collage! And yes, I use the art of creative writing (non-work-related writing, I mean) to help me see more clearly. I have several projects in the works and it is enormously fun to feel the creative juices whirling around once more!

Adrienne said...

I 'listen' through my fingers on the piano! I sit and just begin to play and let them go where they will and let my heart guide what my ears hear. It's soothing, relaxing and often where my best thoughts come from. When my children were little they knew if I sat at the piano and began to just 'meander' around the keys - and I always ended with a happy little song from my childhood piano lessons - they knew to leave Mom alone with her thoughts for awhile. In the end they knew it would be a good thing for all of us!

Christina said...

i do the same, put collages together. yours are just beautiful.