Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Taken through the small hole of my kaleidoscope.

Kaleidoscopes have always intrigued me.
Do you love looking through the small hole
and seeing all the beautiful colors?
Recently attending a quilt show
I noticed the kaleidoscopes of quilts.
Looking through the small hole of my camera,
the colors said "notice me"
The patterns, oh so beautiful.
It would be lovely to snuggle under
a kaleidoscope of color.


Jane said...

Beautiful! When I had a retail store, an unfulfilled wish was to advertise merchandise as seen through a kaleidoscope. Possibly it wouldn't have worked. One thing I learned in 37 years of shopkeeping was that one can't be subtle with the public.

Kate said...

Beautiful....tiny, tiny pieces. Oh how patient one must be.

DeeBee L. said...

I love playing with the kaleidoscope (when I find the time...), it is as entering a different dimension... a colourful one!

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I love kaleidoscopes! Wrote a feature on them many years ago when a kaleidoscope convention met in my town. Their scopes were amazing, and I've been a fan ever since. (And yes, I love kaleidoscope quilt designs as well!)

Annie said...

For those with the gift of quilting, what a splendid way to discover and create original and unique designs.

koralee said...

These are amazing my friend. xoxoxo

Laurie said...

I've always loved kaleidoscopes Marilyn, they still intrigue me. I always want to freeze some of the beautiful patterns. Beautiful post!

Adrienne said...

Gorgeous! Love these photos.

Rosemary said...

Amazing Marilyn! Some of them look like quilt patterns to me.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful quilts
Love them all

Jeanie said...

I love kalaidoscopes -- especially the ones where you see something real but refracted. These are great photos and the quilt show sounds terrific!

Do you have snow? How's Joey?

La Tea Dah said...

A lovely comparison!