Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Gift of Love

As I am out and about in recent days I see red hearts and gifts for those you love abound.
With this reminder my heart also rejoices in love surrounding me.
In the little things.
The quilt all frayed and worn hanging above my mantle.
Bunnies holding hearts.
Rain drops on roses, oh yes, even that.
The warmth in my hands from a touch or holding a warm cup of tea.
The robins that have returned to dance in my garden.
Joey watching diligently from the window.

What gifts of love are around you today?

Oh yes, one more thing!  Did you think I forgot?
The winner of the give-away announced on Thursday.
Ta Da - is Gail
Congratulations Gail!
You can find my email in my profile to send me your address.


Adrienne said...

Congratulations to Gail! My heart has been touches to watch small birds playing in the neighbors trees across from my kitchen and dining room windows. My sweetheart thinks they are swallows - I do not! And, yes, raindrops on roses!

La Tea Dah said...

Congratulations to Gail!

I love your photo, Marilyn. It's just precious! And yes --- there is much surrounding me that I love. From puppies to people --- love abounds.

S. Etole said...

Such a cute little bunny. We had 6" of snow last night so spring hasn't arrived here yet.

Angela McRae said...

Congrats to Gail, and I love your sweet bunny!

Gail said...

H - I am SO thrilled - wow, I won!! "YAY" :-) I emailed u already with my address :-)
Love to you

Karen's Place said...

Seeing your hand stitched quilt reminded me of my baby quilt...it looks well loved and used like yours. Cute bunny. Thankful for the peacefulness that has returned to my home....for now.

beth said...

the gifts around me today were my boys, at lunchtime in a nice restaurant, with lots of time for talking and laughing !!!

ps...the new header fits great. did you want to eliminate the black around it....just wondering :)

Laurie said...

Good for you Gail!
Today was a time for my test, and having Ken cart me around without a complaint, a nice dinner out then coming home to my happy pet family made my day complete!

Linda said...

I'm grateful for a new day, new experiences, weak sunshine, but at least sunshine and no snow so we can get out and about again! Sweet bunny!
Congratulations to Gail!

Tracy said...

Congrats to Gail! And thank you, again, for the giveaway fun, Marilyn! LOVE this sweet bunny. I'm a fan of Valentine's Day. I'll take any excuse to show and share love! Today gift of love was my husband kindly doing the grocery shopping since I was feeling tired & worn out. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

paris parfait said...

This looks like a much-loved bunny! So adorable.

Jeanie said...

I love your bunny with a heart. Maybe this weekend I will make lots of hearts and put them on things! And take down the rest of Christmas if I can!

Pearl Maple said...

congrats to the lucky winner

a lovely post full of sweet thoughts about gifts can come in all kinds of packages