Thursday, January 17, 2013

France Revisited

The city from the Lourve.

My favorite tea shop in Paris.

Ahhh, the pastries!

The Seine River, a view from the river.
This week I have been reading Without Reservations by Alice Steinbach.
It is a book about a journalist, Alice, adventures in Europe.
The first part takes place in Paris and brings back so many memories
of my times of travel there.
Then as I was driving my car to the market yesterday the CD
playing was French Cafe.

Isn't it amazing how listening to a certain music or
reading a book can bring back memories so strongly of
a time gone by?

So today I am revisiting Paris.
I hope you enjoy the snapshots taken there.
It is my favorite city to visit, I just love it there
and I dream of yet another visit one day.

Where is your favorite place to visit?
Do you dream of returning there?