Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Winter Garden

This week I took a walk around my garden.
It amazes me to see flowers there.
There are roses and primroses too.
The tea plants sit in repose waiting for Spring.
The vegetable garden along our drive is planted with clover.
Sitting just to the north of the vegetable garden is a row of camellias.
Many buds are appearing on the camellias and it will be a lovely
sight in about another month.
Though I am not showing it in the photo,
there are buds on the daphne too.
The grape hyacinths is appearing with leaves coming from the ground.
Once the twinkling lights of the holidays pass,
I get a quiet JOY just walking in the garden
watching and waiting for beauty to make an appearance.
I know I am early there, but what surprises can be found in your garden today?