Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Market Flowers

Does your market sell flowers?
Sometimes when I visit the market I just have to take some time to browse the flowers.
I just stand there and take in the beauty.
I smell.
I notice the colors.
Sometimes I am surprised by the combinations the florist puts together of both color and texture.
Sometimes I see a flower I don't know and want to know more about it.
Do you take time to stand in the flowers at the market and savor?

If not, do it the next time you visit the market.
It will definitely make your heart sing.


S. Etole said...

This looks so springlike. My kids do the marketing for me; I may have to put flowers on the list the next time they go.

Relyn Lawson said...

I have been aching - longing - for flowers for about three weeks. None of my usual inexpensive places have any flowers worth having. I'm aobut to go to a real florist and spend WAY too much money!

La Tea Dah said...

I confess to being one who purchases market flowers. Sometimes they are potted. Other times, they are cut. No matter which option is chose, I always try to have at least one arrangement of blossoms somewhere in the house! They bring such cheer!

My mother was an avid gardener. She prided herself in growing flowers in her garden outside --- so that she had something in bloom every month of the year. Even in December and January, she could go out and find at least one blooming plant somewhere hidden under a leafy corner.

Adrienne said...

Market flowers always call my name. I stand and admire and smell - and sometimes I buy some to bring home.

Tracy said...

What a treat to see these flowers, Marilyn! Flowers bring smiles... On can't help but smile in the presence of flowers. Our supermarket does sell flowers--cut flowers, and some nice ones in pots too, even orchids sometimes. I splurge on something now and then. It's a little gift to me. ;o) I miss things growing in winter, so the flowers cheer. Happy Day ((HUGS))

amherstrose said...

Oh, yes, the flowers greet me at the door of my local market and I always head over there to enjoy the color and beauty each time I visit. I couldn't help myself last week, and chose a gardenia plant to take home with me. The fragrant blooms are intoxicating. During the Winter, my sweet DH will often bring home a market bouquet to brighten our table.

The colors in your photo are spectacular, Marilyn. Love it.

Have a happy day,
Mary Jane

Jeanne said...

Flowers are food for our souls. Thanks for warming my heart with this posting. I am so very anxious for spring on this cold winter day♥

Angela McRae said...

I don't often take time to check out the supermarket flowers, but last week I needed one to go in a teacup planter and found a great new African violet, for just $2.99. I didn't realize this is also quite an *economical* place to shop for flowers--and yours are lovely!

paris parfait said...

Such lovely colours! Flowers always cheer me up.

Linda said...

It must be so enjoyable to work in a florist's shop!

Jeanie said...

the flowers are the best part! Always pretty, always bright, always make me smile!