Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NW Chocolate Festival

This past weekend I ventured out to the NW Chocolate Festival.
I had not been before and just wanted to see what they had to offer.
Have you been to a chocolate festival?
It was packed with people everywhere.
Chocolate does draw people to come out.
There was a lot that didn't impress me.

Verdun Chocolates in the top left is one I have purchased before.
It did impress me.
They are beautifully packaged and quite good.
Chocolates from Lebanon.

JaCiva's with the pink hair has the best chocolate cakes.

Stash Tea was there with some beautifully blended teas.

What did impress me the most and I found quite delicious
was gluten-free, dairy-free chocolates from The Great Unbaked chocolate company.
Now until this time I didn't know there were gluten-free, dairy-free chocolates.
If you know someone that cannot eat gluten or dairy wouldn't this make
a most decadent, delightful gift?  After all Valentine's is just around the corner.

Here are two websites online that specialize in gluten-free, dairy-free chocolates.


beth said...

i just drooled all over myself !!!

Adrienne said...

A chocolate festival? And I missed it? Oh my!!! Your photos were enough to make me almost taste everything!

Rosemary said...

what fun! It has been many many years since I attended the Chocolate Festival in Hershey, PA... must try and get there again!

Steph said...

So glad to see the innovation into gluten-free and dairy-free!

relevanttealeaf said...

What an interesting event to attend. Michigan is too far removed from any of the big food/beverage festivals, but I'm glad they're in your area, so you can attend.

Jeanne said...

For some money talks but for many chocolate sings.
How lovely indeed.
I love all you share.
Love Jeanne

Jeanie said...

Our museum holds an annual chocolate gig and it's always fun, but I find there is just too much! What I love most are the demos and the competitions with the chocolate sculpture. That's pretty amazing!

Annie said...

I need to go to the chocolate festival in Oakdale sometime. It's only 30 minutes up the road.

And that pink hair. Very Laini Taylor. There must be something in the air. LOL

Angela McRae said...

Never been to a chocolate festival but I would certainly like to! I made some chocolate cookies just last night!

Linda said...

Our second grandson has finished catering college, now specializes in the making of chocolates and cakes and works in a chocolate shop/cafe. We have had some lovely chocolate gifts from him that are beautifully packaged. I must ask him whether he knows about gluten-free, dairy-free chocolates.

Laurie said...

Wow Marilyn! The chocoholic in me is going insane! Looks like such an awesome time. I'll have to stick with the tea though, unfortunately!