Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hell Fire Pepper Jelly


During the holidays I signed up for a give-away at Wives with Knives.
For those of you that know, now that is all of you, I love jams and jellies.
My Marmalady's jellies sold for 9 years in teashops across the country.

Well I won the give-away!
I was so excited!
It came with a cookbook that shared recipes for using Hell Fire Pepper Jelly.
When it arrived I was beside myself with glee!
No, I wasn't disappointed either.
It is delicious!
Here I nibbled with cream cheese and crackers.
We have also enjoyed Shrimp with Coconut Milk and Soba Noodles
and this delicious Hell Fire Pepper Jelly.  Oh yummmm!
I can highly recommend Hell Fire Pepper Jelly,
you also will not be disappointed.
Thanks Wives with Knives and Hillary and Maria at Jenkins Jellies!