Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Very Special Quilt Show

 Recently I attended a very special quilt show,
actually an art show.
I hadn't seen these friends for many years, though we
keep touch on Facebook.
When I started working in the world of apparel in 1985
I met these two very creative ladies.
It was pure delight to reconnect.
The purpose of the meeting was a reception for
my friend, Anne (the one in the middle), quilt art show reception.
 I just love this picture of my two friends.
It just makes me smile to see their delight.
Let me tell you just a little about these beautiful art pieces.
Ann admitted she loves color and stripes.
You can definitely tell by seeing her quilts.
She hand dyes 100% Cambodian cotton fabric
and from there makes stripes of color.
Sometimes she doesn't know where the inspiration
will head until she starts placing her stripes on her flannel wall.
Then the inspiration takes flight in the most beautiful ways.
Anne is a true artist with a passion for color.
 It is really difficult to share the size of these pieces
or the true beauty; but maybe you can imagine a little.
 This picture and the one right below are the same quilt,
but I just loved the structure of the building too.
The posts worked so beautifully with these pieces of art.

 Isn't this amazing?
When I looked closer the quilting was beautiful too.
Anne has someone with a long arm quilt machine do the quilting,
and her creativity also helps Anne's quilts shine.
  The one below was my favorite.
Oh I wish you could see it up close.
Each quilt is definitely a work of art.
It was an evening of delight and eye candy for my heart.
Thanks, Anne, for sharing your passion with each of us that know you.


La Tea Dah said...

Wow! Such amazing art quilts! I loved each one, but especially the last one with the triangles. Very complex and complicated. A real gift to be able to create.

Jeanie said...

Anne's quilts are just fabulous! She should go to Vistaprint and make note cards from her quilt close-ups. They'd be wonderful for her correspondence and I'll bet every recipient would save it forever!

Lorrie said...

Very colourful and unique!

Dianne said...

How wonderful to visit this great installation with you! Such amazing colours and creativity flowing everywhere :) I especially love the long striped one - the design reminds me of bands woven on a narrow loom - but it would be hard to choose a favourite from all of these. The affection amongst the three of you is so lovely to see .....

Ginger said...

Wow. The quilts are amazing. Thanks for sharing

Joy said...

Beautiful art quilts!

Patti said...

Loved reconnecting the threads of OUR friendship. Surrounded by Anne's art was so wonderful.