Tuesday, March 21, 2017

World Poetry Day

Just this morning I learned it is World Poetry Day today.
Often I love to share poems and the following one
has been sitting with me for a few days.
Can you just imagine a duck laughing?

Look and See

This morning, at waterside, a sparrow flew
to a water rock and landed, by error, on the back 
of an eider duck; lightly it fluttered off, amused.
The duck, too, was no provoked, but,  you might say,
was laughing.

This afternoon a gull sailing over
our house was casually scratching
its stomach of white feathers with 
one pink foot as it flew.

Oh Lord, how shining and festive is your
gift to us, if we only look , and see.

From Why I Wake Early
by Mary Oliver

Not a duck, but these gulls make me smile.

Enjoy some poetry today!
Take time to "look and see"


Lorrie said...

Mary Oliver's words never fail to make me think of our amazing world in new ways. I didn't know it was World Poetry Day and it's almost over. Thanks for sharing, Marilyn.

Jeanie said...

I never knew of Mary Oliver till I started blogging yet I have never read one poem of hers since that didn't resonate with me in a very personal way. She is a gift and so are you for bringing such beauty to us all.

Angela McRae said...

I could so easily become a professional bird watcher! I've been noticing the birds seem especially happy around here this spring, and I love to imagine what they might be saying to each other!

Mary said...

Yes MO poetry is very wonderful - she has an eye for seeing beauty in the ordinary. She would make a great blogger/photographer I think!