Friday, March 3, 2017

Annual "To Do" List

At the first of the year I don't make resolutions.
As you know I adopt a word for the year,
but I also make a Wishlist or a To Do list for the year.
It is things I hope to do during the year, such as Laugh, go to the Gym,
Dance in my Tutu, Tea with Friends. 
Well you get the picture, fairly easy things, but worth paying attention to.
Well this year's list included mastering the making of pavlova.
Not sure that is silly, but it is one of my favorite desserts, yet
not something I make.
So you see in the above picture, this is my first attempt.
Yes, there will be others in different forms,
but for this one I wanted individual shells.
For a first try, I was happy.
I made a whip cream filling, then added fresh strawberries and
sliced kumquats and then drizzled with
melted chocolate.
I served that with Earl Grey tea.
It felt a bit like springtime as I nibbled and sipped.

Do you make a yearly wish list?
I hope you put something fun on it, like making pavlova.

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Linda Jennings said...

Lovely and delicious! My "to do" this year is to simplify and toss or donate something every day. So far, I've been doing it, but I have a long way to go!

Mary said...

I haven't made a Pavlova dessert in years and saw a recipe when looking through my 'Sweets' clippings folder last week - and thought I must do one. Now I really want to try - and they are quite easy, right Marilyn? Your version looks and tastes, I'm certain, fabulous. The photo is lovely with the pretty china holding one of my favorite teas and the pink glass footed plate. The little nest with eggs makes me realize Easter decor needs to come out of hiding soon around here!

Hugs - happy weekend, Mary x

Steph said...

Cool - I think pavlovas are so beautiful!

Laurie said...

Oh this looks so good Marilyn! I too quit making resolutions. They only set one up for failure, they do me anyway! My wish list this year is to discover everything I can, try new things and find another form of art to get involved in. I want to tap all the talents that I can, and live my life to the fullest. Right now, I'm doing pottery and love it!

Jeanie said...

Your Pavlova looks fabulous -- and it's not too hard, is it? (Unless you're making it during peak humidity times -- then go for another dessert!) The photo is fabulous too. Good for you!

Tracy said...

I love your idea of a special to-do list attached to a year, Marilyn! Your pavlova turned out BEAUTIFUL! And a little pavlova is such a lovely tea time treat, being so versatile in ways to use seasonal fruit to decorate it. I didn't realize it until this week actually, but baking better break has been on my to-do list this year. I've been baking more lately, and understanding that I'd this is something I'd like to learn to do better. This year I'm wanting to paint more too--on canvas, paper, anything... !! :) ((HUGS))