Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sunshine at Last

Tears touch my eyes
I sing Hallelujah!
It is warming again,
A glorious Spring day
Sunshine is peeping out of the clouds
My heart rises in JOY
Delights in the day
Daffodils greet me
Budding blossoms give a song to my heart
Oh the JOY of Springtime
A gift to me and you
A pause to smile and laugh

What is making you smile and laugh today?


Lady Linda said...

Lovely post Marilyn. I do love daffodils! It has been nice to have some warmer days and more sunshine. It is wet out there again tonight, but spring is coming.

Lorrie said...

Pink tulips. Reading to a granddaughter. Planning a tea party. Indoor things because outside is gray and windy.

Tracy said...

Hallelujah--SPRING is here! That is making me smile today... It's not really warm here yet, but the sun has been shining all week, and that has been a great blessing! :) LOVE the beautiful, elegant new banner at the top, Marilyn! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

You had me at sunshine! The daffodils were the frosting on top of the cake!

It's supposed to be 60 here today. Of course, it was 30 yesterday so we'll see... I'm just happy it's weekend, time to do art, all sorts of fun things!

Mary said...

YOUR words I'm sure Marilyn - you should be published!
Glad you have daffodils now.

Have pink and purple tulips opening among the violas and pansies - very pretty. I have birds searching for mates and nesting sites, their choruses are non-stop this morning.

Mary X