Thursday, March 9, 2017

Green Bean Bookstore Reading

In my neighborhood there is a children's book store
that my grandson loves visiting, Green Bean Books.
Recently they had a new book introduced by the author, Kelly DiPucchio,
 and artist, Christian Robinson.
What a fun adventure to hear the artist read their new book,
Antionette.  She read it with a French accents because of course
Antionette was French.
Then the illustrator sketched some pictures for the kids.
He asked what each kids favorite animal was.
My grandson said a coyote.
I never quite realized how important the illustrator was to a book.
They often come up with the look of the book for the words the author
writes, then decide the break down of the pages too.
I think I enjoyed the visit as much as my little D.
Gaston was their first collaboration and has been quite successful.
Peeking through the front window
at the new Antoinette.
I loved it and know your little ones would love it too.
If you are ever in my neighborhood, the Green Bean Books
is the perfect place to find a gift of a book for someone special in your life.
I know my grandson looks forward to each venture we take to the Green Bean Books.


Joy said...

What fun to meet the author and the illustrator! My granddaughter loves books, I'll have to put these on my "list" for her.

Tracy said...

Oooo... what a great name for the shop, and what a FUN place! I want to go too. ;) ((HUGS))

Lorrie said...

Independent bookstores are so delightful. How fun to have both the author and the illustrator visit.

La Tea Dah said...

What a fun experience! And yes, I have often thought of how important an illustrator is to the development of a children's book. I would go so far as to say it's as important as the story itself.

When my children were young there was a movement to create children's books without illustrations. The idea was that the children would then use their imaginations to create mind pictures of the book story. I never embraced the concept...and neither did they...although we had some kids books without illustrations just to try it out.

Lady Linda said...

Hi Marilyn....I need to take Otto to this cool bookstore. How wonderful. I love books and books stores. Nice to know where I can find a new one.

Angela McRae said...

So glad your family is raising another reader! :) That bookstore looks delightful, and I know I would have greatly enjoyed meeting the author and the artists. Creative types feed my soul!

Jeanie said...

I can't wait till I can do that! I love the idea of having the artist there, too. It looks like such a wonderful spot. I remember going to meet an author when I was about eight with my mom. I'll never forget it!