Monday, March 6, 2017

Walk with Me - The Grotto

 When I started this "Walk with Me" series 
I really didn't think about it being a tour of Portland;
but here I am walking in one of our tourist spots.
 I thought this was the perfect place to walk this week
as I contemplate the coming of Easter and the Lenten season.
 Walking just a couple days ago in a light rain,
I walked through The Grotto and along the pathway
to pray at the stations of the cross.

 There are many of these plaques along the path,
places to stop, meditate, and pray.

 In the spring there will be rhododendrons blooming,
but for now just touches of color can be found.

There is a gift shop and church that are lovely to visit.
At Christmas the walk is full of lights and music.
As the weather improves there will be services outdoors.
There is always a large crowd for Mother's Day and Easter.
It is beautiful, but also so very peaceful.

If you ever visit Portland and need a little time of quiet meditation,
this is the perfect place to go.  It is very close to the airport too, so
maybe a stop on the way to or arriving in Portland.

Enjoy walking wherever you go this week.


Mary said...

That's certainly a beautiful walk Marilyn - let's do it together when I can get back your way!

That pink camellia is the shade I want - I only have two red bushes - so pretty!
Have a great week dear.
Mary x

Tracy said...

Oh, Marilyn... this place is breathtaking! That you have such a place to go to, pray, and experience... what a gift!! :) It reminds me a little of the Grotto and Sts. of the Cross trail at Mount Saint Mary's in Maryland. Going there was on of the best days of my life! So much enjoying this walk series you've been sharing with us--I look forward to it each week! ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, this is such a magical, beautiful spot. I love that you can go there and walk, meditate... so peaceful and simply lovely.