Monday, March 27, 2017

Walk with Me - Portland's Japanese Garden

Yes, I have walked here before, but couldn't resist
sharing these beautiful gardens again.
Above is the ceremonial teahouse in the gardens.
Last week I shared tea time in the Japanese Gardens,
but after tea time there was a lovely early spring
walk in the gardens.
Looking for signs of spring is a particular 
pleasure for me.
Do you love watching for signs of spring?
Even this squirrel was out looking for spring.

Often at this garden and our Lan Su Chinese Garden I see
these beautiful koi, but don't seem to get a picture I enjoy of them.
I sort of enjoyed this one of them enjoying the movement of the
water from the waterfalls.

This falls seems to be the most  photographed spot in the garden.
Oh camellias!  Surely a sign of spring!
And daphne too!

The tree below had just a tinge of pink.
Hopeful signs for sure!

Isn't the pink camellias beautiful in contrast to the gnarly tree trunk.
I just loved the contrast.
Again today I will be walking and searching for spring.
Have a delightful day, dear friends.


Jeanie said...

What a fabulous place,Marilyn! I really love the koi pond photo. They are terribly hard to shoot and I think you did a great job of it!

Tracy said...

*SIGH* Soooo incredibly beautiful! A little Japanese mini vacation of an afternoon... yes! That is my kind of garden--love all the contrasts, textures, plants... And a favorite place can never be shared too much. ;) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Marilyn if I was able to take a wander through that beautiful garden I know I would feel I was back in Japan once again! The waterfall is gorgeous - and I love watching koi, such elegant fish.
Thanks for sharing such a lovely walk.

Mary x

Adrienne said...

Such a gorgeous spot in the middle of the city!

Rosemary said...

Such a serene destination - I always love when you share your pictures of your visit here.