Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

 Today is International Women's Day
and on reflecting on just that I remembered
the women that bring tea to me.
It is as simple as that.
Farmer Chen's wife standing by her husband,
keeping him awake at night to process the tea,
being the other half of carrying the hedge trimmer
to cut the tea, and then serving tea in the tea house.
 To the women plucking tea in the fields that delighted me with there soft voices.
 To grandma serving tea in the tea house in Alishan, Taiwan.
 It touched my heart to see these women sharing in a days work in the field
and still have a smile on their faces.
To all the women around the world
you bring a smile to my face by your
love and diligence,
by your empathy and strength,
by your ability to care for the world around you
and treasure it with gentleness and boldness.
You make our world a better place.
We celebrate you!


Mary said...

Gentleness and boldness, together, would certainly made this divided world a much better place. Perhaps women ARE the future, maybe they CAN do it - but it will take a long, long time methinks, and I'll be gone by then!

Meanwhile I'll continue to enjoy the beauty of each day, especially your lovely posts Marilyn - you help make the days special to me. I always loved your China tea trip pix - they do work hard, and for such small compensation much of the time. I saw similar in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. . . . . and especially India! We are so fortunate here - our children and grandchildren don't have a clue as they moan and groan about wanting new phones and laptops every year - which is why they need to travel whenever possible and see for themselves just how easy they have it, and to learn to be grateful and kind.

Sorry, excuse my getting on my soapbox this morning!!!!
Love to you and have a great weekend - we are heading to Charlotte to visit friends, should be fun.
Mary x

Steph said...


Tracy said...

This was a BEAUTIFUL way to celebrate and remember, Marilyn... Where would the world be without us?! ;) ((HUGS))

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful photos in honor of International Day of the Woman. I especially love the picture of the woman with a baby on her back.

Angela McRae said...

I love to see the beautiful variety of women that exist on this earth, and it encourages me to think about the many, many things we all have in common!

Jeanie said...

This is such a terrific perspective for International Women's Day -- looking at how people around the world affect something you do (and use) every single day. I love the photos. They really capture the tea gathering. I love this post so very much and all the thought and gratitude behind it.