Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium

Each March my sister and I have a date to go for tea.
So off on a new adventure we went.
Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium in Beaverton opened
some time ago and I kept saying I needed to go there.
Finally the day arrived.
I was fascinated to see how a steampunk theme would
carry out into a tea room and I wasn't disappointed.
It was carried out with class and I loved it.
After sitting down and ordering our tea we
enjoyed a very nice caesar salad.
The tearoom serves Harney and Sons teas exclusively.
My sister thoroughly enjoyed Paris and I enjoyed a hefty Scottish black tea.
They were made very well (no bitterness) and delivered in full size teapots.
Our food was brought to us on a 3 tier stand.
There was the traditional cucumber (vinegared) sandwich, egg sandwich,
Then a wrap with meat and cream cheese, a meat pastie, chicken potpie,
and if I remember correctly a quiche.  The pastie and pies were served warm.
All was quite delicious.
Then we each had two small scones with jam, lemon curd,
and their special clotted cream.
They are quite proud of making their own toasty clotted cream
and hope to be able to market it soon.
Whew!  When we got to the top and the sweets we were asking
for a box.  There was a fruit tart, sponge cake, macaron,
cherry pie, and small cakes.
Everything was very fresh and tasty.

They had a nice pastry case and tea making station, which I loved seeing.
It was fun to peek around the tea shop and discover the fun creative touches.
The sitting area was set up to feel like a tea lounge of old,
one where I would enjoy sitting nibbling on a scone and sipping tea
and having an indepth discussion on literature, history, or the woes of the day.
Special touches were everywhere.
The silver teapots full of flowers greeted us
and said farewell right on our table.

 I can definitely recommend visiting
Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium
12412 SW Broadway
Beaverton, Oregon
Phone for reservations:  503-739-5120

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Linda Jennings said...

I always enjoy seeing your March tea celebrations with your sister.

La Tea Dah said...

What a nice tradition! It sounds like a lovely tea room. I love the menu! It looked like generous portions and great variety of color, texture, and flavor.

Steph said...

So close to me! I must go!

Bernideen said...

The food looks wonderful Marilyn. How fun!

Joy said...

Everything looks so wonderful, I wish I were close enough to pay them a visit!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

The Clockwork Rose is my kind of tea room.
A fun 'day out' thing to do with your sister Marilyn!
The food looks delicious and beautifully presented.
Enjoying the finer things in life is so good for the soul I think!

Mary said...

Bet I know what you were celebrating at that wonderful tea room! Everything looks/sounds delish - interesting they make their own clotted cream - the one food item I miss more than anything from my Devon home! But I admit my waistline is much better without it, haha!

Hope you are well again now and had fun!
Mary x

Rosemary said...

Looks like great fun! So glad you were able to enjoy this experience with your sister. Even more glad that you shared it with us!

Tracy said...

A steampunk tea room... what a great and fun idea! Bit like Alice in Wonderland. VERY lovely tea you had... I like the small/mini portions of food. Teeny tiny pot pies and macarons... LOVE! This annual treat with your sister is a wonderful thing. :) ((HUGS))