Monday, March 20, 2017

Walk with Me - Officer's Row

 One place I love walking, though I don't do it often,
is just across the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington.
Sunday was a bit drippy with rain, but still it was
a beautiful place to walk with my "live-in gardener".
We did stop at the Visitors Center and purchased
a National Park Passport book, as this is the year
we plan on visiting National Parks.
 Walk with us along Officer's Row.
I just love seeing the old houses built about 1850's.

 There were violets blooming under the trees.

 The hills in the background are Oregon.

 Had to have a sit-down on one of the porches.
 And a peek in one of the windows.


 I would love sitting here with a cup of tea.
 In the garden a stone with petroglyph.
Not sure I spelled that right, but an ancient
Indian carving on stone.

 On a sunny day in summer this would be
a perfect place for a picnic.
 I believe music is played here on July 4th.
 It was more of a stroll, but a perfect place
to be on a Sunday afternoon.


Adrienne said...

I love Fort Vancouver and Officer's Row! It's a great way to 'escape' everyday life and the busy-ness that take our time. We bought our National Pass several years ago because we can camp in Forest Service and BLM campgrounds at half price! We are starting our trek to visit National Parks this year, too. Our first stop in May will fulfill a childhood dream of mine - Grand Canyon. We have reservations (at half price!) in a forest service on the South Rim for a few nights. We will move to the east end of the south rim for a day or two and then make the journey around to the North Rim in time for the opening for the season. That's just part of our trip that begins in less than three weeks - but the culmination will be Grand Canyon. And perhaps another National Park (or two) on our way home. We have to be home by early June for the graduation of two of our grandsons. Wouldn't miss that!

Jeanie said...

I can see why you love walking there, Marilyn. I would too. Those houses are just fabulous and I love the photo of you on the porch. You remind me that I need to get one of those parks things. The setting itself is just gorgeous with the Oregon mountains in the background. What a wonderful walk -- I'm glad you took us along!

Louise-Arden said...

These homes are just lovely, I adore the porches

Kathie Donahue said...

My Hudson's Bay Company ancestors were at Ft. Vancouver in the early 1840's, then, later, at St. Louis and St. Paul up through 1860. Then they scattered, some going south to Roseburg, some east to Pendleton and, then, to Montana; some north to Yakima, Colville and Ft. Spokane; some to Puyallup. All were mixed French and Okanogan/Rogue River/Shasta Indian; descendants, now, still live WA, OR, ID, and MT reserves. Ft. Vancouver was very important to these earliest northwest pioneers. The records of the people who were part of these settlements were translated and published by Harriet Munnick up through the 1980's under such titles as Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver Registers I & II. There are about 9 volumes covering Vancouver, St. Paul, St. Louis, Roseburg, Walla Walla, etc. Most are rare and out of print but I know the Oregon Historical Society, of which Harriet was a member, has all the original paperwork and the volumes, themselves, on their shelves. I spent many happy hours there, researching, in the late 1990's. Portland/Vancouver is one of my most favorite places. I enjoy your blog very much and keep it in my favorites list to read as often as I can. Regards, Kathie, in Odessa, WA.

Angela McRae said...

What a lovely place to stroll, as those houses are gorgeous!