Monday, December 22, 2008

Vintage Monday

In the 1920's there was still the lacy trims and ribbons on little girl's dresses.
So cute!
A simple play dress with embroidery on the collar.
Photo shoot finished, now time for a cup of tea. Big sister is doing such a good job of pouring the tea. Thanks so much Ruby and Charlotte for modeling for me.


Annie Jeffries said...

This is just so adorable, Marilyn. Clearly, the little ones are loving putting on a fashion show for granny.

How's the weather treating you. Jone (DeoWriter) is buried. You must be as well. Quanah and Erin are busting their car out from the ice and snow so they can put on chains and escape the house. Their trip to see us for Christmas has been cancelled. Heartbreaking.

Steph said...

Oh, did you sew these? You are SO talented - these are precious!

Laurie said...

What pretty pictures, and perfect pretty models. The clothes are adorable!

Anonymous said...

What darling little girls and beautiful vintage dresses and hats!
The first two of the younger one in pink should be on a magazine cover! She is so expressive and you captured it perfectly! Thanks so much for featuring them.

Pearl said...

One word..ADORABLE!!!