Friday, May 21, 2010

Bold is Brewing

Bold has been brewing in my mind lately.
What does it mean to be bold?
This shop thinks what they serve is bold.
I enjoy a bold cup of Chai Latte here.
What tea would be bold?
Or do you think a cup of tea can be bold?
Do you know what shop advertises a bold cup of?
Guess what shop this is and I will send a gift
certificate for a cup of Chai Latte or any other bold drink.
There will be one winner chosen from the winning answers
and announced Monday morning.
Hint: This shop is probably in your community too.
What is it's name?
Now go out and do something BOLD today.


Cathy said...

Don't have a clue where the shop is, but I like it!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I think Starbucks; but that's my personal addiction talking!

To me, Bold is not caring what others think and being out there, doing what you want, wearing what you want, saying what you want without fear.

You've given me a challenge for the day - be bold!

Jeanne said...

I start my day with a skinny vanilla latte from Starbuck's
Thanks a latte for all you share
Love Jeanne♥

Laurie said...

The only coffee shop I know is Starbucks, so I don't know!

Mary Jane said...

Although I usually pass by the Starbucks, I noticed their new BOLD advertising the other day.

They do sell tea, my beverage of choice, but I would rather brew a nice pot at home and drink it from a china cup.

Tea can certainly be bold! After all it was the choice of many Chinese Emperors and the cause of many conflicts throughtout history. Perhaps pu-erh would be considered a BOLD tea.

Beth said...

I'm thinking Starbucks. And I would love a bold coffee, or a chai tea latte, or a green tea latte, or an Earl Grey Carmel latte...mmmmmmmmmmm!
Beth at Food As Art

Annie Jeffries said...

Starbucks, baby. We have sevem of those in our small community. It's never hard to find one when I'm jonesing for my brew.

koralee said...

I guess Starbucks too...they always have a great way with words. xoxoxo Happy weekend.

Relyn Lawson said...

This was a very interesting post to me. It has me thinking, wondering... How many people resent boldness in others? How many people are trapped in timidity and allow themselves to be intimidated by boldness in others? I don't mean rudeness or callousness in others, just the bold reaching for their dreams. I think that's why blogging is so terrific. We can all be quietly bold. We can stick a toe in first to check the temperature of the water.

parTea lady said...

Yes, Starbucks is my guess. One of these days I'll have to try a Chai Latte there.

As for bold tea, one I don't care for - Lapsang Souchong - is bold. I'd have to say that a lot of the black teas I drink are a little bold, like blends with Assam.

Today has been a relaxing day for me - nothing bold. :-)

Tracy said...

Hi, Marilyn! Hubby & I are on vacation, but glad to have a moment to share a cup with you--a bold one too! Today BOLD for me was saying yes to slowing down and just relaxing... LOL! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Unknown said...

Hi Marilyn xox
No idea!!!

At the spa we serve Harney & Sons teas...have you heard of them? They are amazing! The Hot Cinnamon Sunset blend is a superseller.

I'm feeling bold lately because I've learned a few important life lessons lately. I hope they stay with me!!!

Unknown said...

oh and Relyn's comment is bold. And beautiful. :D
She nails it everytime. xox

Linda said...

Looks like Starbucks to me, too. My favorite drink is always a chai. It has a way of soothing my soul. The tea I brew at home is a green tea. Can't start the day without it. Days gone by I prefered a BOLD brew. But these days I'm much more settled and content. Harmony is my mantra! So I've switched away from the bold. Good move to my way of thinking. Even so, every once in awhile I'll take a bold. (Guess I'd rather be bold in other areas of my life now!)

beth said...

i live on tea and have never thought it to be bold....fantastic and warm and heavenly and delightful and wonderful....YES, but bold, no.

bold to me is being brave enough to do what your heart questions......

Merisi said...

and we have several here, in the heartland of coffee houses! ;-) I am glad they are around, a refuge for teenagers and adults alike who do not want to put up with smoke from cigarettes!

Starbuck's Soy Chai Latte is a favorite of one of my daughters. I have not been so bold (yet!), I stay with Early Grey and milk. I love that Starbucks makes tea with the Tazo brand, a longtime favorite of mine.

Rosemary said...

Everyone has guessed Starbucks.... I'm going out on a limb, being bold, and guessing Dunkin' Donuts! Why not? I think and Assam is a bold tea, and Lapsang falls in the bold category too! I have a free sample of Builders Tea 'the thirst quenching British cuppa' a new tea brewed specially for the building trade that probably falls in the bold category too!