Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yellow is my favorite color.
My choice was made when I was a little girl.
It was because everyone said they didn't like yellow,
it made them look sick to wear it.
I felt sorry for yellow.
It is a happy color.
Though some cannot wear it, it can be enjoyed in the flowers.
Take Joy!
Enjoy yellow flowers today.


Jeanne said...

Singing mellow yellow to you
and how gorgeous
Love you

paris parfait said...

Such a beautiful montage of bright yellow - love it! So sunny and cheery. xo

Angela McRae said...

I often see yellow teawares and think of our yellow-loving tea friend Teresa (Southern Touch Catering), and now I will think of you too Marilyn! This is a BEAUTIFUL collage. (I need to learn how to do these. And so much else, sigh!)

Laurie said...

yellow is also my favorite color, that and sapphire blue. I think yellow is one of the cheeriest colors and I can never have to much of it~

Val said...

Very pretty. I thought for years that I couldn't wear yellow, but then I made myself a yellow cotton skirt, trimmed it with ribbons, and fell in love. Yellow really should be seen more often.

Adrienne said...

I love yellow, too, and I don't understand why the whole world doesn't like it as much as you and I! Thank you for your wonderful photos - a reminder that Spring is here. Aren't we having a simply gorgeous day today? I saw 'Earlene' in the store here in town today - preparing for an upcoming event. We had a nice visit and I've been thinking about having tea in the garden this afternoon - even though the garden isn't at its best yet. Wish you were close by - we could enjoy it together.

LisaKnowsTea said...

Yellow used to be my favorite color too. I wanted a bright yellow corvette when I was younger. I also had a perfume and powder that was called kiku. The powder was a yellor ball that when twisted, the powder would come out. I also had stationary with big yellow flowers on it that said "love and stuff Lisa" on it!!!!

Lady Prism said...

Yellow is also my favorite color! It is the color of smile and laughter. I love how a room lights up when something yellow adorns it. Yellow for me is a color of welcome and acceptance and strength.

Our tropical summer this year is harsh and brutish hot ( thanks to El Nino)- the kind that almost suffocates. Having any sort of yellow in my home would be too hard on the eyes, I'm afraid.

However, our weatherman has said last night that after two days, this wave will at last come to an end. Cooler times are within our doorstep. I am just relieved! My yellow sunny flowers can come out and play again! :D

Love post!

La Tea Dah said...

Your montage of yellow is beautiful! I love yellow flowers. Have you ever noticed that the earliest wildflowers to bloom in the spring are the yellow ones? My mother, an avid gardener, did not like yellow flowers. You would never find a marigold in her garden. She influenced me for a long time regarding yellow, but I have since learned to embrace this cheerful color! Yesterday I bought yellow marigolds and calendula for my garden. Bye for now. :D

parTea lady said...

Your yellow collage is lovely. I really like the sunflowers and the cute baby picture.

SE'LAH... said...

beautiful mosaic of yellows...always a happy colour. hope you have a great weekend.

one love.

Dutchbaby said...

You're in good company. Van Gogh's favorite color was yellow. I'm convinced everyone looks good in yellow; they just have to find the right shade of yellow. Way to root for the underdog color, Marilyn!