Monday, December 13, 2010

Light Shine

Fill our lamps regularly
Let our lights shine!

 View for inspiration:
(as seen on Cheryl Richardson's weekly newsletter)


Jeanne said...

This little light of mine I am going to let it shine

Your love lights the way
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne♥

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I needed this today (actually I need this every, every day!)

Thank you so much for sharing this! I will now send it to my dearest friends!


koralee said...

Oh my shine brightly over are always sharing your light. xoxoxo Hugs

Steph said...

Thank you for sharing that special link!

Annie Jeffries said...

Love the picture, Marilyn. It's so filled with warmth and I don't mean the flame. I watched the video and was pleased to see the my favorite, Mother Teresa, was an inspiration for this meditation.