Thursday, December 27, 2012

Passion, My Word for 2012

My word for this year of 2012 has been PASSION.
A word I struggled with and must come to peace with as I rest and reflect on the year.
Passion seems like such a dramatic word.
 A word that comes to mind as being sexual, but it is so much more.
It is noticing what makes my heart happy, what drives me to do what I do.
I have noticed as a California girl by birth that barefeet and nature sing to my heart as they did as a child.
Moments of friendship, moments of quiet, seeing the stars and the moon at night,
smelling the baby smells of my new grandson.
Rejoicing in the colors of nature as I sit here sipping tea.
Waiting for the sun to shine again.
Joey sitting nearby just to be close for a friendly hug or just a hello.
Just noticing what I notice and letting my heart sing.
That is what PASSION is to me.

Did a word pick you this past year?
I hope if it did you learned something special from it.
Yes, a word has picked me again and soon I will share my word for 2013.


Jeanne said...

My words for 2012 were Magic and blessings............It was a fabulous year indeed.......Logan was born............
Babies are a wonderful blessing to our lives indeed.
Love and hugs

Sparkle and Shine are my words for 2013 Love you Jeanne

Jeanne said...


Adrienne said...

My word for this last year was Hope. So appropriate to some of the things that happened in our lives and the anticipation of my sweetheart's retirement last fall. I learned a lot about hope - my hope is in the Lord - and there are things where I still find hope filling my heart. This was the first year I've had a word for the year. I'm meditating on a new word for next year. Can't wait to learn what your word will be.

Gigi Thibodeau said...

I did pick a word, too. Mine was inspire. I had mixed feelings about it all year, as my own energy level ebbed and flowed. There were times when I felt quite inspired, thus it was easy to share inspiration with others, but there were also times when I just didn't have it in me.

I think "passion" was a wonderful choice!

Haven't picked my word for 2013, yet, but hI've narrowed down my options. :)

Happy New Year, my friend! xo Gigi

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Jeanie said...

My 2012 word was Savor. And I did. I'll announce the 2013 word very soon!

beth said...

REACH was my 2012 word and i think if it was grading me, i'd see a big fat FAIL :(

so i'm working on my word for 2013...and hoping one comes up and bonks me in the head and says, I'M YOURS SILLY GOOSE. TAKE ME :)

Laurie said...

Narilyn I so connect with your view of Passion. I wish we lived closer together, we have so much in common!
My word for 12 was Faith, and I have a post coming up soon telling what has come this year.
Love the picture of the berries, I have a similar one from summer.

Kate said...

I can't believe that the year is almost gone. I recall when you announced your word last January and thinking what a challenge it would be. I have enjoyed your thoughtful reflections.

Tracy said...

Passion is a great choice, as it encompasses so much! I sometimes choose more than one word, and did so this year, selecting several that were related--Heart, Magic, Joy, Art and Spirit. The magic of creativity was big for me this year. And I feel the special meanings of these words as guides really fueled my year. 2012 has been good! It's been a LOT of feasting here. After much festivity and making ready, it's relax time now... aaahh... Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

parTea lady said...

Lovely post about your word choice. Nice photo too.

Steph said...

I've loved your word this year!