Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sigh, Peace

In the midst of the week, take a sigh.
Enter into a quiet time.
Experience Peace.
Be still.

Sending a quiet heart to you today!


Lorrie said...

Lovely, lovely sea photos.

koralee said...

what beautiful images my friend. Happy American Thanksgiving to you. xoxo

Mary said...

I love these pics Marilyn!
I definitely crave some quiet time after this crazy day preparing the meal.
Thanks for the cute card - happy Thanksgiving to you and the family.

Mary X

Adrienne said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. I hope you have a great day - with quiet in your heart.

Jeanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely friend.
May you always be blessed with the very best.

Love Jeanne

paris parfait said...

Lovely shots and a lovely thought. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jim!

Tracy said...

Quiet.. stillness... rest... There is so much JOY in silence. :o) Blessings to you & yours this Thanksgiving week, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

Lovely, Marilyn. Happy Thanksgiving!

Angela McRae said...

I love these photos, as quiet and stillness is just what I need this week!