Thursday, June 23, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole

 Apologies in the beginning for the reflections on the windows,
but I do hope you can enjoy the windows of Fortnum and Mason on a sunny day in May.

 Oh Alice through the looking glass, the windows delighted me.
 And stepping into the candy box of a store,
it had all the beauty set before my eyes.
Marzipan fruit set again behind a window, the colors so gorgeous and delightful.
Just strolling through the different departments of the store I felt like I had stepped back
in time, I was a little girl wanting to twirl in the aisles and partake of each and
every little treat.  I sipped a sample of Darjeeling tea and nibbled on a nougat.
I became Alice for a moment,
down the rabbit hole to find adventure, sweet treats, and beauty.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Awesome! Their windows are always fabulous! A favorite place! Thanks so much for posting this!

La Tea Dah said...

What amazing window displays. And so awesome that you photographed them. Very special.

I am watching the PBS series, Mr. Selfridge right now. Your blog post reminds me of the series and the value they place upon their window displays.

Linda Jennings said...

I always take photos of their window displays. They are so special.

relevanttealeaf said...

I love Fortnum and Mason. Did you go on their china and dishware floor? It made me drool. My daughter and I had afternoon tea there and it was fabulous.

Unknown said...

Adorable post!!!! I love Alice!!! The display is AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Rosemary said...

Fortnum and Mason is such an iconic London business! One of my favorites. Love the theme of these fantastic window displays!

Tracy said...

WOW... such STUNNING window dressings & displays!! Oh, I just LOVE Fortnum & Mason--my fave London department store! My fave tea is from F & M, their classic Afternoon Blend. :) This gave me a nice walk down memory lane... And loved seeing in your eyes/footsteps! Oooo.. LOVE, love, love that turquoise color!! And your rendering of the hand has such ENERGY--so bold! Pastel paper is one of my favorites and can be used for lots of medium very well. I also like acrylic paper, which can be pricey, but is great for lots of mediums too--pencil, pastel, watercolor and every acrylics/oils. But for practice, templates and playing around, cheap copy paper. ;) Happy to visit here before travels early next week. I'll be by later, and in touch, again soon as I can... HAPPY DAYS, my friend ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Anything 'Alice' is always such fun! Love F&M windows, they, like most London department stores and specialty shops, always have fabulously designed displays. Just look at those stacked cups and tea pots, gently leaning, and that must be a gigantic teapot in the first pic stating 'It's
Time for Tea'. Just lovely, and thanks for sharing Marilyn.

P.S. Love the cup with the flamingo!

Lorrie said...

How enchanting! Alice is so full of whimsy and these are marvelous interpretations..

Bernideen said...

Dear Marilyn:
Since your link went to your blog and now particular post I picked this one to feature about your trip! Thanks for sharing and each post is delightful. What a great vacation!

Laura Morrigan said...

Im going to live in one of those windows!

Angela McRae said...

My favorite store in the world! :) Like you, I captured images of the window displays two years ago and fought the reflections, but those displays are so amazing, how could one not at least try? So wish there were a grand old department store like that here.

Jeanie said...

This post brings back a powerful memory of having lunch here with my mom and her friend in 1973 when I first visited England. I was so impressed because the waiters (I think -- or else the clerks in the store) wore tails! It was magical. I should have loved the Alice display!

Teresa said...

What a delight to visit Fortnum and Mason's windows - so many tea scenes. Thank you for sharing.
Sips and Smiles,