Friday, September 2, 2016

Tea with a Smile

Just the other day I sat right here.
Sipping tea in this beautiful cup delighted my heart.
There were smile and laughter as 15 of us sipped and tasted
ten special teas shared by Shiuwen of Floating Leaves in Seattle.
Twice a year Shiuwen pours tea for us in Portland.
We look forward to her visits.
There are always surprises and tea delights.
Oh my, ten teas!   Did I sleep that night?
Shiuwen shares stories of the farmers and we keep sipping.

At the end of the day there was only left this pile of spent tea and empty cups with smiles.

We started with Red Peony White and proceeded through Baozhong Oolong 
Competition Style from Farmer Chin, Big Leaf Oolong, Oriental Beauty,
High Mountain Oolong, Li Shan Oolong, He Huan Shan, High Mountain Black,
High Mountain Da Yue Lin from Lishan, Ti Kuan Yin from a different farmer than
I usually taste from Muzha.   I hope I have listed them correctly.  Whew!   That was a lot of tasting and so delicious!!!

I must say with each I thought, oh this is my favorite, but then onto the next and
it was also my favorite.  I came home with the High Mountain Black, which I
do love.  But each is delicious in it's own way.  Shiuwen has such a talent for
bringing home the best teas from Taiwan and you wouldn't go wrong with any
one of these. You can visit Floating Leaves online to learn more at

Happy Weekend, dear friends!
I hope you find time to sip a delicious cup of tea.


Rosemary said...

What a fabulous experience! Just drinking out of that tea cup was special... but oh my, what a list of teas! Wish I could be there!

Lorrie said...

What an amazing way to spend an afternoon. I'd be buzzing after 10 cups of tea (even if they are small ones). Looks like so much fun.

Shiuwen said...

So nice to share some teas with you, Marilyn! Thank you for being part of a fun tea tasting! See you again, my sweet friend.

Linda P said...

What an enjoyable experience! The delicate porcelain cup is beautiful. An interesting and happy occasion with a group of fellow tea enthusiasts that you must look forward to.