Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Camas Lilies

A few days ago I had to visit Camassia Nature Conservancy
to see the camas lilies.
They are magnificent!
The blue is stunning.
I took along my favorite hiking buddy, my grandson.

What fun we had.
D loved the rocks.
I loved the fields of flowers.
 We were both happy.

It was an adventure in exploring on wonderful trails.
We even saw two deer and many birds, but too far for my camera
to capture them so you could see.
As you can see D was always ahead of me.
At 5 years old he loves to run and climb.
The rule between us when we hike is always keep me in
his sight and he follows that well.
He tolerates me stopping to take pictures while he explores.

This poem so well explains the camas lily.
Camas Lilies

Consider the lilies of the field,
the blue banks of camas opening
into acres of sky along the road.
Would the longing to lie down
and be washed by that beauty
abate if you knew their usefulness,
how the native ground their bulbs
for flour, how the settlers' hogs
uprooted them, grunting in gleeful
oblivion as the flowers fell?

And you- what of your rushed
and useful life? Imagine setting it all down -
papers, plans, appointments, everything -
leaving only a note: "Gone
to the fields to be lovely. Be back
when I'm through blooming."

Even now, unneeded and uneaten,
the camas lilies gaze out above the grass
from their tender blue eyes.
Even in sleep your life will shine.
Make no mistake. Of course
your work will always matter.
Yet Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one of these.
~Lynn Unger

Don't forget the give-away on Monday's post.
And Happy May Day!
A glorious day to get outside and enjoy the flowers.


wisps of words said...

What a beautiful place to take a walk!

Especially with a 5 year old "Grand."


Red Rose Alley said...

What a beautiful field of Camas Lilies. Have never heard of them before, although I'm familiar with the Lily. How special that your grandson came along with you. What a wonderful walk. I like your "hiking rule" you have with him. : )


Jeanie said...

I don't know what I love most -- the splendid purple flowers or your splendid walking partner! Or should I say climbing partner! It's a beautiful spot and I can tell you were in your element!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! And your hiking companion is a handsome young man. What fun to have a five-year-old walk with you.

Louca por porcelana said...

Wonderful fields!So cute boy!

Angela McRae said...

I have never heard of camas lilies, but now I will never forget them! And what a powerful line: "Gone to the fields to be lovely. Be back when I'm through blooming." Oh my goodness, that one's a keeper. Thanks for the lovely post — even if I am a little shocked at how quickly your precious D is growing up!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Marilyn, this post filled me with envy! The beautiful scenery, the adorable grand, your very own tea garden!