Thursday, May 3, 2018

Children's Arboretum

Recently a friend asked if I would like to go walking at the
Children's Arboretum. I had never heard of it, yet it was only a few miles
from my house.
So on a fine sunny afternoon we went walking.
I learned it was developed starting in 1900 because it was between
two waterways and with occasional flooding the land was not good
for housing. The arboretum was developed for children in a school nearby
to picnic and explore.
This secret hide-away oasis has an apple orchard and a rose garden too.
There were blossoms from the apples and cherries.
A perfect trail to share some time walking with a friend.
Searching for wildflowers we were not disappointed.
To me the tall grasses under a blooming apple tree is just the best.
What a perfect place to spread a quilt and picnic.
I will return with that quilt and sit under this apple tree.
Yes, I will!
Do you imagine spending a warm summer day sitting under
an apple tree, maybe reading, sipping something cold, napping,
and just watching the clouds roll by?
I think that would be the perfect thing to do right here.


wisps of words said...

A lovely way to use land, not suitable for housing. A lovely way to preserve this land. Especially since it is not going to produce wealth. Meaning, be sold for building on it.

If only there were more such places!

Do people really need to build McMansions, all over the place? Huge houses, for 2 people, etc. -sigh-

Wow, I got off on a tangent there, didn't I?????? :-)

Oh and another thing, which isn't nice, I just read a blog, saying the ticks are awful this year. Did you examine yourselves for ticks, after that walk?

Laura said...

Oh my, what a beautiful place! I wish we had something like near me. Our arboretum is completely man made beside the most heavily trafficked road in town. I wish people would stop building concrete edifices and give nature more room.


Jeanie said...

It's beautiful. I'm not sure why they call it the children's arboretum but no matter -- it's divine.