Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Linen Days

An applique with embroidery pillow cover is pretty in pink.
A dish towel I found for 50cents at a garage/tag sale.
There was a note with it that said "Maggie " of the old
Maggie and Jiggs Comics.
A small table cloth with appliqued teapot and embroidery.
I like the applique butterfly on another dish towel.
An embroidered table cloth.

Embroidery shows up a lot on vintage linens. I think it must
have been a way women could be creative in their homes. It
was something easy to pick up when they had a few moments
to put some stitches to cloth. It colored their worlds.
I have been totally amazed at what I have found in my cupboards,
trunk, and linen drawer. Somethings I forgot I had.
I am so glad I decided to share them with you.
Don't forget there will be a linen give away announced on Sept. 14th;
so come back and visit me on two more Monday Linen Days.