Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea with my Mom

 Steph at Steph's Cup of Tea is hosting Tea and Truth
this month.  It is a weekly writing that involves tea.
What you will read below is my writing last week.
I hope you enjoy it.  Yes, that little bird did fly by my
window just as I was finishing this wonderful assignment.
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My mom has been invited to tea and soon she will be here.  The tea is ready.  I hear a knock on the door.  Welcome Mom, come into tea.  I wanted you to join me today because I want to tell you I love you and share a cup of tea.  It has been so long since we shared tea together.  Do you remember the times?  There was a time when I was going into 6th grade and the little ladies that owned the house we would rent served us tea.  It was a special time, just you and me.
No, I didn't fill your cup very full, but it is full to the brim with love for you.
I am so happy you like it.  I made a special oolong brought home from Taiwan earlier this year.  I know how much you love flowers and this tea tastes like a cup full of flowers.  Do you agree?  Oh yes, it is beautiful and filled with light and sweetness.
Do you remember after we moved into that little house on Bird Street and times would be hard, you would bring out the teapot and Lipton teabags, maybe even toast strips and we would sip, laugh, and raise our pinkies pretending to be rich ladies?  It is a fond memory I have of tea with you.
I am so happy you came for tea today.  I so wanted to tell you I love you and I wanted to share this ritual that means so much to me.  Yes, it is my morning pot of tea.
Aren't the pink roses pretty on the cups?  I always felt your color was pink, so I wanted you to have pink roses this morning.  They do make my heart sing too, as I knew they would for you.  Winter is coming and there are crystals on the ground.  The candle is burning to give us more light on this cold fall morning.
Just one more cup you say.  Is it getting cold?  Let's sit for just a while longer, sip our tea, and enjoy the silence of the morning.
Did you see my red necked hummingbird flutter by the window?  Did you fly away with him?  I love you, Mom.  May your spirit fly free on the wings of the little one.  Come anytime for tea, you are always welcome.

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Gwen said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for letting us share in the lovely tea with your MOM.

La Tea Dah said...

A lovely tribute...

Mark said...

Such a nice post.

Jeanie said...

Oh, Marilyn, this is just lovely. How I wish I could share that cup of tea with my mom, but then, I often do. She's just not visible, but oh, so present!

Steph said...

Dear Marilyn - Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, magical piece of writing!

Rosemary said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful tea time with your Mom. So lovely.

Annie said...

Heartbreakingly poignant, Marilyn. Made me think of my mom. What a beautiful tribute to her memory.

Angela McRae said...

Simply beautiful, Marilyn!

paris parfait said...

So special. Beautiful, Marilyn. xx

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

So sweet...made me think of my mom...wishing I could have shared a cup of tea with her. She died when I was very this never happened...I do have her lovely china and her most pretty Hall in my heart of hearts, I know that we would have had tea if we had had time...grateful I can share a cup of tea with my daughter!