Monday, November 7, 2011

Sewing Patterns for Tea Lovers

With the upcoming holiday season I thought I would mention
my business.  I don't often mention it, but have the link on my sidebar.
I have had several comments recently on this blog asking where to
find my sewing patterns for tea lovers.  Because the request came from
Anonymous, I am responding here.
If you like to sew gifts for the holidays or other times during the years,
Marmalady's has 8 great sewing patterns including a pattern for the
above tea cozy.  Next year I hope to add more patterns to the line.
You can find the sewing patterns, plus other tea lovers gifts at:

Thanks for visiting me there and everyday
here at Delights of the Heart.  I love hearing from
you and having you visit. 
Just as a thank you, if you leave a comment
today on this post I will send a sewing pattern for
this cozy to the name that gets drawn on Friday morning.