Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Play in Fairyland

Saturday I had the opportunity to play in fairyland.
Oh what fun I had making my little bird with an attitude in wool.
There were 3 students and 1 leader of the fairies to take us into the land of fairies.
One made the beautiful bird, another made a bird that turned into a turtle,
and I made the bird in the middle.  What fun we had, escaping the land of humans
for just a few hours.  I highly recommend finding the land of the fairies and playing awhile.

Now you can see here fairies don't always live in holes in trees,
but sometimes they play in little rooms packed with goodies and fun delights.
So if you come to Portland, Oregon one of these days,
we really must escape to this fairyland of delights.
If you are searching on your own, this delightful place is called
Bella Flora and is located on N.E. Fremont Street.
Another day we can return here for more pictures, there is so much to see.


Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

What fun! I would love to take a class on how to make those whimsical little creatures. Bella Flora looks like a wonderful place to visit.

La Tea Dah said...

Ohhhh, that sounds like such a delight of the heart! I would so enjoy an afternoon creating like you did there. I look forward to more pictures. Your felted bird is beautiful.

Karen's Place said...

how inspiring....

Trixie and Dustin of TheTeaDrinker.com said...

Yes please! Can we travel to the land of the Faeries next Spring and see if the Birthday Faeries come out to play with us??


Steph said...

It really DOES look like fairyland!

Jeanne said...

Fabulous indeed.
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne

Kattytrick said...

As soon as I saw your picture here I could almost smell cinnaman & venilla. Which in turn reminded me of this shope in a small town just north of me called Sonora here in California. Lovely, quaint little place. Thank You for posting , Thank you for inspiring the memory!

Jeanie said...

Enchanting to the max! Not only did you get to create a special lovely, but to do it in a lovely place is perfect! It's on my "someday" list!

Annie said...

This looks like a true year round wonderland, Marilyn.