Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Garden's Gift

The calla lily was a gift from my sister's garden.
They stand tall and so sophisticated,
wrapped in love.
I am intrigued by their beauty, the turn of their blossom,
the shine of their leaf.
They are happy in my garden now.
A special treat from my sister's garden.

Do you have a special plant in your garden,
a gift from another garden?


Gail said...

HI - oh so beautiful. Did you know you can drink champagne or Prosecca or wine out of them? Try it. :-) ANd my favorite is my lilac bush/tree which is at our other home from which we moved. WE picked a large bouquet and they smell lovely. Here? I love the star magnolia, the columbine, and the hanging im-patience! (sp)
Wonderful post of hope.
Love Gail

Jeanie said...

I do love their shapes. They are so elegant and I'm reminded of Amanda in the Glass Menagerie and her "The callalilies are in bloom" speech.

Much of my garden is a gift from another -- my friend Kate planted many hostas she divided into my garden and black-eyed Susans. I love 'em!

La Tea Dah said...

Oh yes --- my garden is filled with plants from friends and family. Sentimental, perhaps. Joyful, yes!

Rosemary said...

So very lovely. My eldest sister carried three long stemmed calla lilies as her wedding bouquet so very long ago. When her only daughter got married, my sister wore a dress that had subtle yet beautiful calla lilies as the pattern. She was so pleased when I observed the quiet connection between her wedding and her daughter's wedding.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Your lilies have that wonderful "first flowers of Spring" look about them. Exquisite velvety white trumpets and dark green glossy leaves such a perfect combination.

I had a bed of them in our old home and when my daughter was 3yr she came inside with "bright yellow" around her mouth.... I gave her a large glass of milk to drink and then we rushed her to hospital where she was given other neutralising fluids!!! All was well but it was scarey at the time!

My garden is full of gifts from friends - I love the satisfaction of growing anything from a tiny cutting.
Last September my friend Dawn gave me a cutting of her Pineapple Sage.
The leaves smell of pineapples and it has pretty red spikey flowers in autumn - it's been the star of my autumn garden this year!
I wish you lived closer Marilyn and I could strike a cutting for your garden!!!
Shane ♥

S. Etole said...

I've never seen a photo of them growing before. What a beautiful sight.

Mary said...

They really are exquisite - lovely reminders of a special person.

I have a pretty bush with tiny white blossoms from a Japanese lady who lived in the house behind us until her death several years back. My wisteria came from a lovely close friend who is also gone. Several of my hydrangeas came from my great neighbor Dale - he gave me cuttings and now they are starting to grow into nice shrubs after several years of doing very little. Patience always required when one gardens!!

Hugs - Mary

koralee said...

So the size of it! Happy weekend my friend. xo

Linda said...

An elegant lily, Marilyn. I have a special rose that was brought to our new home from my mother's garden. It was her favourite so it means a lot to me too.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful post my lovely friend.
Much love and many blessings

Love Jeanne

Annie said...

I have calla lilies in my front yard that have not bloomed in years. Bad location. I'm digging them up tomorrow and potting them. Time to refresh and energize them.

parTea lady said...

Your calla lilies are gorgeous. That is my favorite flower. I just bought a pink calla for my daughter to plant in her garden.

relevanttealeaf said...

Beautiful pictures of special Calla Lilies. I'm not a gardener - with the exception of a yellow rose bush that a friend gifted my hubby with when he had surgery, day lilies and black-eyed Susans are the only flowers that grow in our yard.

Angela McRae said...

Oh yes, my favorite plants are always "passalong plants" from friends. Some salvia from one, a pretty magenta rose from another, and some hostas, mahonia, Solomon's seal, and some irises and daylilies from my parents ... now that I think about it, half of my plants were passalongs!