Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley has always fascinated me with it's quiet beauty.
Living in Kansas it would come up in our garden each year.
It grows more readily in Europe and Eastern United States.
Recently I planted a small clump of lily of the valley in my garden,
but now I find it is quite poisonous.  
I will have to keep my eyes open when little ones visit.

When checking the Language of Flowers I found that the lily of the valley
signifies the return of happiness.
  From Wikipedia:  Legend tells of the affection of a lily of the valley for a nightingale 
 that did not come back to the woods until the flower bloomed in May.

In Europe it is celebrated and given as a gift on the First of May.
Kate Middleton carried it in her wedding bouquet when she married Prince William.

Do you have this sweet flower in your garden?
Do you celebrate the First of May by giving this gift?
It would be beautiful in a May basket left at a special someone's door.
Happy May Day to each of you!

Note: Don't forget the give away mentioned on Monday.


GardenofDaisies said...

I love lily of the valley. Such a beautiful scent. We had some growing by our back patio at the first little house we lived in, but we don't have any here. I think I need to change that, because it really does grow well here.
My niece had some growing all along the pathway up to her house... it was such a delight to walk up to her door.

Lorrie said...

I planted some bulbs this spring, but so far nothing. I hope they come up and give me flowers for a long time. I've always admired their delicate creamy beauty.
Lovely photo.

Laurie said...

My Lily of the Valley won't be in bloom for a few more weeks here, but I always look forward them. I love the dainty little flowers, and the scent is intoxicating!!

Karen's Place said...

I too am fond of the dainty little lily. It happens my middle name stands for lily.

S. Etole said...

They have such a gentle beauty.

Jeanie said...

I'd love to celebrate by giving this sweet gift, but right now mine is small spurts about two inches tall. Soon, I hope!

Angela McRae said...

This is my birth month flower, so I really should plant some, shouldn't I!

Adrienne said...

Our front corner is filled with this flower. It goes everywhere and we can't contain it. Since you told us it signals the return of happiness it's appropriate to have it on the busy corner where we live - we would love to think our home signals the return of happiness to all who enter!

Tracy said...

Such tender, fragrant beauty...*swoon*... LOVE these! Happy Days, Marilyn ((HUGS))

paris parfait said...

One of the things I miss most about living in Paris is being able to buy bunches of miguet des bois for five euros a pop. They are such gorgeous flowers.