Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alishan High Mountain Tea

The photo was taken somewhere in Seattle, but the tea
I want to share is from Floating Leaves.

Alishan High Mountain Black tea was shared in a tea tasting a few months ago
and I loved it.  It took my travels to Seattle and a visit to Shuiwen at Floating Leaves
to finally purchase some of this yummy tea.
Taiwan is known for their beautiful oolong teas, but they are beginning
to come on the market with some wonderful black teas.
I must say this is now on my favorites list.
It is beautiful to look at, sniff, and taste.
A very unique flavor, not as smokey as other black teas but almost a fruitiness to it.
Definitely worth a try, check it out at floatingleaves.com
 The tea fields of Alishan, Taiwan.
 More tea at Alishan, but don't you just love those large clay pots?
We wanted to bring one home with us, but the best I could do was to bring home a photo.

If you love something very special in a black tea for sure check this tea out.
Happy Tuesday!


Gigi Thibodeau said...

This tea sounds like it's right up my alley, Marilyn. I often find black teas too smokey, so this one sounds perfect. Heading over to Floating Leaves now!

Steph said...

Tis the season for black teas!

Jeanie said...

I think I would just love one of those clay pots!

I have a tea question to ask you. Not tea as in the "tea" but as in the food with tea. Can you tell me what clotted cream is and how it is made (not a recipe but in general). Rick was asking and I realized I didn't know!

Mary said...

Yes it's so difficult holding one of those pots on your lap in the plane, haha! I saw several in Italy, then Vietnam - just couldn't fit them into my backpack though.

Would love to try that tea. BTW - our local gardening paper has an article on the Chinese garden where you took us to tea - I'll read it tomorrow and tell more.

Love, Mary

Angela McRae said...

Yes, this sounds like a tea I would enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation!