Friday, October 10, 2014


This Day, Right Now!
Look into the faces of those around you.
In this precious moment,
Open your heart and connect with your life.
Be Present
Overflow with Gratitude.
Give Thanks!

Happy Friday Friends!
Enjoy the weekend with Gratitude.
Today I was inspired by a video online,
so the words have been translated into mine to share.


Jeanne said...

It is our beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving October 13th and I am always grateful and thankful for everything God has blessed me with.


Gail said...

beautiful inspiring words - warm and inviting image. Glorious.
Love Gail

Mary said...

I was full of gratitude yesterday - for the beautiful autumn garden outside the window; for two trees which fell on the street yesterday, along with a power line, but NOT injuring anyone or damaging any homes - those darned storms!
For spending time with Jasmin last night, at dinner and then at the theatre, even though the play was not enjoyable, and she, I, and Granddad giggled all the way home and had a very nice discussion on stage productions and music!
Life is good - though full of annoying things such as Jasmin's brand new iPhone (we bought it 3 weeks ago!), being stolen at school; and me having a very painful hip/thigh which PT isn't helping much!

Here's to the next week which I know will be very busy but hopefully will run more smoothly.

Hugs as always dear friend - Mary

Jeanie said...

I just told Mlle. Lizzie that I am tres grateful for her sweet purr this morning -- and good friends and a safe ride home from Canada and so very much more!

Steph said...

I like the lighting!

Angela McRae said...

Certainly a message that can't be proclaimed too often! Thanks for the reminder, Marilyn!